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As a zoo keeper it is important to keep our friends happy and healthy. A great way to do this is through enrichment! Here are some enrichment ideas.


AKA How to make a combined swing and chewing/shredding toy that is also edible - out of some corn on the cob!

image1) Get some corn on the cob. I didn’t remove the green parts because my birds enjoy chewing and shredding as much as they enjoy eating corn. Also add some kind of…


A tiger rolling in feathers after a full meal of chicken on a warm summer day is a happy tiger indeed




We’re already fond of Pink Lawn Flamingos, so we were delighted to learn about a new environmental enrichment program at the San Francisco Zoo. They’re using the iconic pink plastic birds to provide their lemurs with some unexpected psychological stimulation (which also resulted in some awesomely cute photos).

"One form of environmental enrichment involves introducing new objects for the animals to explore. The novelty provides a bit of a mental workout, and the objects provide plenty of tactile stimulation as well. As a bonus, an animal’s response to novelty is sometimes a good indicator of overall mental health: if an animal is fearful of a new object, that could indicate an excessive amount of stress. It is thought that more "optimistic" individuals are more likely to eagerly explore new objects."

Here you see Ringtailed, Red-ruffed, Black-and-white ruffed, and Red-fronted brown lemurs checking out their new pink friends.

Photos by Jessie Greger for the San Francisco Zoo.

[via io9]

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